5 Minutes

When we were house shopping, before we found this house, location was very important.  VERY IMPORTANT!

With four kids, it was only a matter of time before trips to the school multiplied at a remarkable rate.  We knew it was coming.  And how much time did we want to spend driving to and from the school?  (The answer is definitely NOT a lot of time!)

Today we went to the school and back seven times.  It would have been eight, but the hubster did the last run.  He got snacks and hung out in the car with the seventh trip pick-up child, until the eighth trip pick-up child was ready to go.

Tonight I am thankful that our house is in the country, but still close to the school!  When my oldest started kindergarten, we were twenty minutes from the school one way.  That would have been a little over 4 1/2 hours of drive time on a day like today!!  I am so glad that was not our drive time today!!  Instead we had a little over an hour of total back and forth time!

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