At my last desk, there was a place for my water cup that was not directly open to the kitty cats.  This desk has a pretty large open space.

With this large open space, my water cup has been under attack.  While I am sitting here, all three kitty cats take turns coming up and drinking my water!!  One of the cats is a paw-drinker.  She reaches her paw in to the cup, gets it wet, and then licks the water off.  My water has not been safe.

Last week I sprung for this adorable coffee cup.  I do not drink coffee.  I thought maybe I’d use it for hot chocolate or Soda Stream.  I wasn’t directly thinking water.  Today my darling daughter brought me cat-proof water!  Hooray!  Currently there are two water cups on my desk; one for me and one for the cats!

Tonight I am thankful for my water (coffee) cup!  It will become a staple for this new desk set-up!



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