Almost . .

I had this afternoon planned.  If I got my son out of school about fifteen minutes early, we could get the older kids and still make it to the orthodontist on time.  It was going to be close, but we could do it!

Then school was cancelled.  The kids were excited!  And it worked in our favor!  There wouldn’t be the moment of trying to grab kids in the after-school mess to hit an appointment time.  Yay!

I probably got a little too relaxed.

At 3:05 I was walking thru the living room when my daughter said to my son, “Aren’t you leaving soon?”.  AAAHHH!  His appointment was at 3:20.

“GET YOUR SHOES ON!”, I yelled as I ran for my own shoes!  We were out the door in about a minute.

Tonight I am thankful that by this afternoon the roads were just wet!  I am thankful that my daughter remembered we were supposed to leave!  I am thankful we were only about three minutes late!  And I am thankful the expander is now in my son’s mouth, as planned!

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