It is good to always be learning something.  There is no one so smart on this Earth, that they have nothing to learn.

I am currently taking an online class to learn more about Instagram.  I have teenagers.  And they are teaching me what they know about social media platforms.  A few months ago, I realized that I wanted to know more about social media than they could teach . . and they are very good at some of it!  But, I wanted to know from a marketer’s perspective.  So I’m learning.

I have my next class already planned out.  And I have two more classes planned for the spring semester with the community college (online of course!) !

Then I’ll throw in the state required continuing education for my licenses.  And . . . well . . I’m hoping I retain everything!!!   I haven’t planned this much structured learning in quite some time!  Honestly though, even if I catch a good percentage, I’ll be very happy.

I try to learn new things every year.  But I think I shall call 2019 the year of learning!  There have been little areas of things that I’ve needed to polish for a while now.  And 2019 is just the year to do it!

Tonight I am thankful for the chance to learn more!  Some day I may fulfill my bucket-list item of taking a welding class!  That one has been on my list since around the year 2000 when I worked with and learned a little from a very talented welder named Butch!  But the welding class just doesn’t seem very important to do in 2019!!  That’ll be a retirement type of project.  For now, I’ve got lots to learn this year!



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