In The Cold

What an odd week!

I know it isn’t over yet.  The darling kiddos must go back to school tomorrow.  They are pretty bummed.  They think the school should just call it off and round off the week 🙂

I don’t believe I have ever, in the history of me doing real estate appraisals or sales, ever, have I had so many appointments rescheduled!  I’m actually a little proud of myself for practicing self-preservation.  In years past, I probably would have went out anyway in ridiculously cold temperatures.  But, I don’t do anything life saving over here.  No one’s world will stop turning because we rescheduled.  And I’m quite happy that I’m in a more healthy place with making these types of decisions!  If you didn’t know me years ago, this might not seem like a big deal . . but believe me, I’ve come a long way!

Tonight I am thankful for the snow/cold weather days this week!  Kids rooms are . . . cleaner than they were.  Floors are scrubbed.  My desk is in order.  And my laundry . .  well, we all have clean clothes 🙂  Hey, we took advantage of the snow days to improve the house; not to be perfect!!

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