First thing tonight I need to publicly apologize to my family for my horrible handwriting!  The hubster and three of the kids are doing the grocery shopping as I type.  I just got a call asking what I meant by “chunky tomatoes” in the produce section.  They had asked a Meijer employee for help.  Um . . . I had written “cherry tomatoes”, not “chunky tomatoes”.  No, I’ve never claimed to write well.  I like typing for sure!!

Moving on . . I’ve done the book club at the elementary school with the children for all applicable years.  I’ve read The One and Only Ivan twice.  So when I saw it was a play, I was intrigued.  How would they make that book in to a play?  The main characters are animals!

This afternoon we went to the play.  They did pretty good with it!  My first impression was not so great.  But, it got better!

Tonight I am thankful for getting to see The One and Only Ivan today!  Oh yes, and I am thankful my family is bringing home Cherry Tomatoes and not chunky tomatoes from the produce section.





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