Better than the Super Bowl!!

Progress has been slow on the remainder of the new office amenities.  After the new year, kiddo extracurricular activities increased.  This meant that available work time in the evenings and weekends went down.  Lately adult work has also increased.  Also meaning that available project work time decreased.

But today had time!!  Yes, today has several hours to spend in the new office!!  And the coat closet is finished!! Yay!!!  It has been driving me crazy to not have a place for coats with six people in the house . . during winter . . with regular coats and barn coats!!!  It’s been a mess.  But, not now!  Now there is a cedar lined coat closet!!  Yay!!

Tonight I am thankful that the Patriots won the SuperBowl!  But, I am even more thankful for a finished coat closet!!!  The coat closet will bring me happiness for a lot longer than the SuperBowl ever could!

P.S.  The closet looks all empty right now.  It won’t later this week when the coats migrate back from their temporary homes on chairs, in corners, etc.



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