Tonight I want to talk about something that is never talked about before two people get married!  How do you decide who leaves the bed when you both can’t sleep in it together?

This is a very practical and very real subject!

For example, the hubster has the flu.  He isn’t at the “man-flu” whiny, helpless level.  He is full-out F-L-U.  Like, I’m not entirely sure he knew his own name today.  He is just out of it.

He spent the day in his recliner.  The recliner is now full of germs.  I have had Thieves oil diffusing in the living room all day.  I’m sure he’ll want to sleep tonight in bed.  The bed is more comfy to sleep in.  And, after a day in his recliner, his back will want a change of pace.  That will make the bed full of germs.

I love the man.  But I am staying as far away as humanly possible!  I do not have time in my schedule for a multi-day flu!  So . . . where do I sleep?  I can’t forbid the sick man from sleeping in the germ-free bed.  I can’t sleep in the living room now . . the germ haven for the day.

I am thinking I’ll bring the cot out to the new office.  I actually purchased an inflatable bed on a Black Friday sale for when company comes.  I grabbed that, still in the box, and read “Don’t forget a pump”.  Yep . . I don’t have a pump for it.  Hmm . . actually while writing this, I do have a small air compressor in the closet that we’ve been using for air tools.  I wonder if that would work, or if it would explode the bed?  *sigh*  I don’t know . . . I tell you, the cat bed is looking mighty comfy right about now!

Tonight I am thankful that there are many places to sleep in this house.  They aren’t all as comfy as my bed.  But, I’ll survive.  I’ll be very thankful when the hubster feels better!  He’ll be thankful for that too!  I am thankful that this is minor, curable, and temporary!  And I am thankful that *positive thinking* I will NOT catch this flu!


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