New Friend

Several weeks ago my computer died.  It just up and died!  I am a computer killer.  I usually get about two years out of a computer.  So I’ve really been on borrowed time for several months.  But, there were no warning signs!  I thought my use of cloud storage was saving the life of the computer.  I guess it did a little.  But I was unprepared.

There was a time in the past, many years ago, that a computer died and I bought a new one on a credit card.  BUT, this family does NOT use debt anymore!!  We’ve gone thru too much and worked way too hard to fall back down that road!

We had not been budgeting for a new computer.  So, we could not immediately replace the dead computer with a suitable model.  I have been having my patience tested for weeks as I’ve waited for a very slow computer to keep up with me.  It has been getting ridiculous.  I run two businesses off my computer.  I need a computer that can open files when I click on them.  And a computer that can save and close files in under three minutes.  Seriously  . . . sometimes over three minutes, just for a file to save and close!!!  ARGH!!!

BUT, today I was able to finally get a suitable replacement!  This thing is amazing!!  I click on something and the computer does it!!  Instantly!  Perfection!

Tonight I am thankful for my new computer friend!!!  We will be good friends for some time!  Well, probably about two years . . Two years will be a grand friendship!  I look forward to our time together!!



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