Warm Digits

I remember doing a blog back when I first learned about sweater sleeves.  Ok, I don’t know what they were officially called.  They weren’t the same as “fingerless gloves” because they went about half-way up your forearm.  I thought they were wonderful!!  Until I stretched out a couple of pairs and they wouldn’t stay on my arm.

I do type in yoga gloves sometimes.  They allow for typing, while still keeping my hands warm.  But they do not do much for my wrists.

I’m just a cold person.  So, this is not an issue that will go away.  This past weekend I was with my girls in Goodwill and saw new fingerless sweater gloves for $2.99.  $3.99 with rhinestones.  I will say, these are about perfect!  They keep my wrists warm, but don’t go up far enough on my arm that they are going to get stretched out.  The thumb hole keeps them from sliding around on my hand.  And my fingers are free to type away!

Tonight I am thankful for gloves to type in that keep me warm!  I will admit that when I first saw fingerless gloves in stores, I may have scoffed a bit.  And outside, in the cold weather, they wouldn’t be warm enough.  But, here in my house (where I am cold unless it is a sauna) they work perfect!!



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