There are things a parent tells their child that just stick with the child their whole life.  I remember something my mom told me when I was a tweenager.

My mom had a couple of friends here and there growing up.  But thru divorce, job changes, moving, and just life; she never had a constant BFF thru the years of my growing-up.  She used to say that there never was a great best-friend for her; so God let her make her own ❤  My brother and I.  I loved that.  Of course, she also reminded me regularly that she was a Mom first, and my friend second.  Don’t think she went soft on us, just because we were all friends!!

My mom and I are still great friends!!  And now, I feel the same way about my kiddos!

The truth is that my sweet babies just keep on growing.  They are growing in to wonderful human beings!  One day they will be all grown up.  They will have their own homes.  They won’t need me to buy them clothes and food.  They won’t need me to drive them anywhere.  And they won’t HAVE to talk to me all the time.  One day they will be grown.  And when that day happens, I will be thankful that besides being family; we are also friends.

The hubster and I have made some absolutely impressive people; who I pray will keep growing to be people of character, integrity, and love.

Tonight I am thankful that these kiddos aren’t just my kiddos; they are also my friends.  I am still their mom first, and their friend second.  I think they forgive and greatly appreciate that fact ❤  When I am with them, it is always a great time and a time I cherish!  Even when they try my patience and give me headaches . . . I wouldn’t trade these great friends of mine for the world!


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