Romance . . Kinda

It was a LONG week this past week!  With a healthy amount of work, a sick hubster with the flu, trying to keep the flu from spreading thru the house, snow days, and bad traveling on the roads; it was just a long, long week!

Today was a long day too.  It was much more enjoyable than something like a Monday!  But there was a wrestling meet that started over an hour and a half late.  There was a basketball game.  There was a slightly injured child involving a muddy, icy yard, and a large puppy (who is no longer shaped like a puppy.  He just thinks and acts like a puppy!).  Yes, it was a long day.

So tonight the hubster and I snuck out for a quick mini-date!  Honestly, we thought about cancelling our quick drink together.  But, we needed to buy a new plunger.  Romantic, isn’t it?  Yes, both plungers in this house broke.  And both toilets . . . well, you don’t want details.  So we started with a drink and a bite to eat.  And we ended buying plungers.  Hey, such is life!  At least we got the drink part in and didn’t go straight for the plunger buying!

Tonight I am thankful for a quick stop to just relax and connect with the hubster.  We both yawned a few times.  But it was time well spent!



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