Stuck in a Vent

7:30 am, Saturday, February 16th, 2019 – I was sleeping soundly in my bed.


I sleepily mumbled something about how that couldn’t be possible.  But my child was persistent.  So I got out of bed.

The bathroom vent cover is one of those corner ones that goes up on to the wall.  It hasn’t been securely attached for some time.  The cover had been moved.  I reached my arm in to the vent and didn’t feel anything.  I updated that I didn’t feel a cat.

My daughter said that the cat must be stuck in something in the basement then.  I followed her to the basement.  And sure enough, the ceiling furnace vent in the basement was meowing.  We took the cover off, and out came a cat!!

This is a barn kitty.  She is injured and is staying in the house temporarily.  I do put her in the bathroom at night, as the house kitties aren’t thrilled with her staying in the house.  Socks, the barn kitty, has not been happy with her accommodations in Hotel Bathroom.  So yep, some time during the night, she dislodged the furnace vent cover, and made her escape . . only to find that the other vent covers in the house were properly secured.

Tonight I am thankful that Socks is ok!  This could have turned out WAY worse!  And I am thankful that it is said that cats have nine lives!  Socks has used two now!

P.S.  She was just fine when she came out of the furnace vent.  She started purring, and got lots of tummy rubs!  Tummy rubs aren’t really something all cats enjoy . . but she loves them!


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