That Time of Year . .

All the extra time I’ve had this weekend has been devoted to the dreaded . . TAXES!  My appointment with the accountant is on Tuesday.

Once upon a time, I used to do our own taxes.  Then we just got too complicated with the businesses.  And I needed help.

Over the past many years I’ve been to several different accounting offices for tax help.  Every single year there was a big mistake.  The good part is that I know enough about taxes to review them with some competency.  The bad part is that I just don’t have enough knowledge to do them myself, so it is frustrating to see errors every year!

This all changed about three years ago.  My aunt recommended a fantastic accounting firm that has done marvelous!  Every year, they’ve gone thru everything with a fine tooth comb and produced a greatly detailed tax return for our personal taxes and the business taxes!

Even though I’ve spent my weekend on tax preparations, I am very thankful that we have great help with our taxes!  It took a long time to find someone I trust!  So, I am very thankful to have them!!


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