Sticker Nails

At the end of last week I tried something new!  The nail polish sticker things!!  Honestly, I don’t know if they have an official name.  I know there are different companies that sell them, and some are called by the company’s names.  But I don’t know what to call them.

Anyway, my daughter had tried them a few months ago.  And I was fairly impressed with the way they stayed on her nails.  Then at the Women’s Expo a week ago, there was a booth with some samples and a sale.  I love samples!  And I extra-love a sale!

The girls and I each got a set of nail polish sticker things!  I can tell you, that I do a better job putting them on other people than I do putting them on myself!  Fortunately, with the design on the nails, my imperfect application is not as visible!

Tonight I am thankful for nail polish sticker things!  So far, they are staying on my fingers pretty darn well!  They may not last their quoted two weeks . . but, they are off to a good start!


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