What I Make Him Do

I am a very mean mom.  I think I might make myself a t-shirt so everyone knows!

For ANOTHER year now, I have made this poor, poor child attend the school’s book club with me.  Please now . . don’t throw things at me!  Don’t come to my house with flames and pitch-forks!!  I promise it is for the boy’s good!!

Seriously, I love the book club at the school!  We have done it every year for the past seven years.  This year number eight will be just as great!  There is great discussion, a great club teacher, and always a great book selected!

My children all have different reading styles . . as do all people!  It just so happens that my youngest child is not quite as thrilled about reading.  He would prefer not to read any more than absolutely necessary.  And he would prefer not to do book club.

Ah, but I am his mother.  I am here to make sure he brushes his teeth, bathes regularly, wears clean clothes, eats food, and learns to enjoy reading; amongst other things!!!

I am of the belief that there is something for every person to read to find their passion for reading.  My oldest didn’t find her passion for reading until 5th grade!  Turns out my sweet little angel with a heart of gold truly loves a good, gruesome thriller . . I had no idea and we simply hadn’t provided her with the right genre in the years before 5th grade.

So, it’s out there!  There are books that my youngest does enjoy reading when he HAS to read.  And he has come so far with his reading. This boy has worked hard and overcome a lot to be the reader that he is today!  So, we are going to just keep trying until we find his reading niche!  It was inspiring for him (or more for me) to hear tonight that the author of the book we are reading did NOT like to write as a child. He actually had a writing problem and had to have tutors to keep-up in school.  The author grew up and has now written over 80 books.  That is inspiring!

Tonight I am thankful for another year of Book Club at the school!!  This evening, after our first meeting, my son and I went out to dinner and talked about reading and books.  And we talked about his attitude about reading and books!  We made a list of more books for him to try – and we are going to talk to the librarian to get suggestions too.  Then we pulled over on the road and took a picture of the moon on the way home.  Just because ❤


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