Safety First . . or Second ;)

When I switched from my last vehicle back to a minivan, I had some definite must-haves.  It had to be a good price.  It had to have low miles.  And it had to be a minivan.  That was about it.

I went down in model years quite a bit.  Which meant that I lost quite a lot of neat features that get added every year.  It was definitely worth losing cool features for what I gained going back to the utility of a minivan!  But, for as much as I drive, I can tell you that I have been missing my bluetooth for the phone!

Finally I decided to do something about it!  For $14.99 on Amazon I purchased a Bluetooth FM Transmitter.  It plugs in to the power source (lighter), it connects the bluetooth from my phone, and transmits it to a radio station that I select.  Now I have sound thru my speakers to listen to phone calls!  This equipment came in earlier this week.  I had immediate problems that people couldn’t hear my voice very well, when the phone connected audio to the bluetooth transmitter.

Back to the internet I went!  I added a Lapel Microphone that plugs in to my phone!  Also from Amazon for just $11.99.  (Oops . .  I have quoted the prices incorrectly to a couple people this week!)  It came in the mail today.  I tried it out on the way to wrestling tonight.  And it worked great!!!

Tonight I am thankful that the minivan is now bluetooth equipped!  My driving phone calls will be much safer now!!


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