Little Moments

The hubster and I work hard and we play hard.  There is not much time where the two of us can have those publicly suggested “regular date nights”.  I understand we could change some things in life and make it more of a priority to put something on the calendar.  And for a while we tried.  But really, it was a lot of work and we were both tired when we were supposed to be going out to “start the evening”.

We do still go out just the two of us!  But it isn’t a scheduled, monthly evening.  We have found that little, sporadic moments seem to work better for us.  Like today.  The hubster worked today.  I had a house appointment today.  When I was getting ready to leave, I looked at the clock and had an idea.  I was driving right thru the town he works in, on my way to get to my appointment.  I would be passing thru town right about the time he got out of work!  I sent him a quick text.  And we had a nice little afternoon Subway date!  It was actually pretty crowded inside, so we ate our Subway in the car and just chatted for a while with no interruptions.  It was nice!  Then we were off to tag-team the day again!

Tonight I am thankful for our little sporadic moments together!  I wouldn’t trade this crazy, full life for anything!  I am so very thankful for it!  And I am very thankful for the unexpected, quiet moments snuck in every once in a while too!

**I didn’t think to take a picture for my blog while we were having our Subway date.  I was just enjoying the moment!  So here’s one of our cuteness many moons ago!  Mostly this particular picture because I went looking for a picture of us, and this was the first one I found!



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