Little Things

Sometimes the hubster is given treasures by people who stop in his work.  And sometimes he brings the treasures home and shares them!  Today he was given a hat.  I love hats.  I’ve always loved hats ❤

I liked the hat he brought home!  Years ago, I used to follow NASCAR.  (Now I just read highlights in the news.)  I haven’t watched a race in a long time.  My favorite driver was Dale Jarrett in the UPS car.  And this just happened to be a UPS hat!  It’s not a NASCAR hat, but still I saw the connection.  And I knew why he was happy to give me this particular hat.

But, I just didn’t get too excited.  I’ve had a headache for a good part of the day.  I think I’ve shaken it; and then it comes back.  So I told the hubster thank you and that I liked it.  But he saw I wasn’t excited.

Then he did a thing.

I have always liked wearing my hats backwards.  I like wearing them forwards too.  But I wear them backwards fairly often.  It drives the hubster crazy.  He doesn’t care for that look . . although I think it’s grown on him to be perfectly honest.  I told him years ago that I like my hats this way and this is how I’m going to wear them.  And that’s what has happened.

Tonight, he put the hat on me backwards ❤  It’s little, I know.  It may be a little silly, I know.  But, it was sweet.

Tonight I am thankful for something as little being a backwards hat that means he cares and that he saw I was less than normal. ❤ ❤  Tonight I am thankful for feeling loved ❤

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