Your Wage

I have a child who LOVES to play board games!  He can’t usually get a sibling to play with him . . which is ok.  I don’t generally make them play.  I remember arguing with my brother many, many times while playing board games when I was a kid!

Tonight I had a later evening appointment.  When I came home, there was a board game set up on my desk.  I love this game!  Act Your Wage . . a board game to teach kids how to budget.  It is great!

It was past my son’s bedtime.  But we played until we were both out of debt.  Then we yelled “We’re Debt Free!” as loud as we could!  🙂  Good practice for when we get to do it for real!

Tonight I am thankful for an unplanned game tonight at my desk 🙂  We budgeted for our groceries and housing costs.  We drew cards with unexpected insurance costs and unexpected extra money from ditching unneeded memberships!  It was a good time!


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