The Line

I try not to cross the line between tenacious and pushy.  It’s a thin line.  I think sometimes it’s a wavy line as well!  Today, the attention given to respecting that thin, wavy line paid off!

There is a house that I really wanted to list for sale.  The owners had already decided to use the agent that they bought the house with.  I just KNEW I could do a better job!  But, how could I show them my skills and worth when they weren’t looking for alternatives?  My plan was to do this by very carefully approaching that line of tenacious persistence while staying polite and knowledgeable.

I feel like a kid sometimes.  I want to help SO much!  And I know I could do SUCH a good job!  It is hard not to jump and down yelling “Pick Me!  Pick Me!”.  I know, we are all supposed to be adults and not admit stuff like that.  Oh well!  It’s the truth!  That is totally what I wanted to do!!

Tonight I am thankful that I restrained myself from jumping and yelling!  Tonight I am thankful that the quiet presentation of knowledge was well received.  And tonight I am thankful that I will soon be listing the house!  My now-clients appreciated my honesty with the sharing of market knowledge.  And they feel comfortable with me . . that is a HUGE compliment in an industry filled with apprehension!



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