Something Scary

Being brave is not the absence of fear.  It is moving forward despite the fear.  I try to remind the kids of this regularly.  And in turn, I am also reminding myself regularly.  It is a good thing.

Today my son did something brave.  In his quest to get better at a certain skill, he walked in to a somewhat scary building.  He was in a room of strangers (and his mom, because, come on! I wouldn’t just leave the boy there!)  But in a room of strangers, with greater skill level than him, the boy gave his all!  He left exhausted, with a bloody lip, and commenting on how much he could learn there!

Today I did something brave too.  I’ve had an idea for over a year to pick the best of my past blogs and put them together in a collection as a book.  This blog is me.  I don’t write this blog to please anyone at all.  I come here and write from my heart.  This is me.  This vulnerability has made me drag my feet on the idea of pursuing publication.  But, today I started a process.

Tonight I am thankful for every day bravery that goes missed by many, but not by all.  I know my son and I weren’t the only ones being brave today!  Every day all my kids walk in to school and are brave amongst peer pressure.  Every day the hubster walks in to work and is brave as he plans his next steps there.  I’ll bet you may have been a little brave today too.  Maybe you were brave with what you wore, what you ate, or the words you chose to speak.  We are all a little brave every day.  And that is something to be thankful for.

*p.s.  This isn’t exactly the building my son and I walked in to.  I thought this was the building and this is where we parked.  It was actually the next building over 🙂  But we were brave to get out of the van and walk until we found it in a strange place!


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