On Fire!

My Mommy got me this shirt for Christmas.  I was waiting for the right time to wear it out of the house.  The term boss can be taken a couple different ways.  And although I am over-confident on occasion.  I try not to be conceded! This shirt sounds a bit like that.

In the work sense, I’m really only the boss of me.  I tell people all the time how mean my boss is!  She makes me work too much!  🙂  The awesome people I work with are my team.  We work together and respect each other!  (And if anyone ever feels differently, please let me know immediately and we’ll fix it!!)

Ok, disclaimers are done!  Yesterday was finally my time to wear the shirt outside the house.  Years ago I went to a Krav Maga self-defense course and really liked it.  Yesterday I took my girls to a Krav Maga self defense course and  really liked it.  I love everything about it.  All this time in between these classes I’ve been thinking of how much my kiddos show know this stuff!  And yesterday in that class it dawned on me how much I like this stuff!  So I’m going to be going back!

Tonight I am thankful that we had a family talk about me going out a couple of times a month to a class.  It sounds like everyone is on board!  I am excited!  This class makes me feel “like a boss” in the work-out, on-fire, all-star, kick-a#$ way the term is meant on my shirt 🙂





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