I try to be respectful of the line between personal life and what I want to write about.  Sometimes it is hard!  Especially when I have these growing people here in the house.  Sometimes I am so proud of them and they are the best-est thing that I am thankful for!  But, they don’t want details of their growing-up in my blogs; which I totally understand!

So . . to be vague, but to tell the story of the day . . we’ll start with this guy.  He made a choice today that was the best choice for him.  It was not the easiest choice.  He felt at first that maybe he was letting himself and his dad down.  He felt this way because of what he felt he was “supposed” to do.  What he needed to hear from me was that he didn’t have to do something that he really didn’t want to do!  Of course, then we talked about how he wasn’t letting anyone down!  It is more than ok to find his own path!

Tonight I am thankful for the young man this kid is growing in to!  He is respectful and true to himself!  He had a good talk with me tonight.  He had a good talk with his dad tonight.  And he had a Shamrock Shake . . because a little ice cream treat goes good with a serious talk!

* Also before we got feed bags on the cart, he pulled me thru the store a little when I jumped on the cart 😉  Yes, he’s also a good sport!


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