Mad Face

Ugh, I made a mistake.

Today I spent almost two hours on the phone with a very nice lady who was able to bail me out of some of the mistake.  The rest is going to cost me $$.

I could have hired a professional a year ago.  I hired an automated service because it was cheaper – turns out it has holes in it.  I could have done more research.  I could have had more conversations.  I could have done several things differently.

Live and learn, right?  Such is life, eh?

Bleh, it still sucks.

Tonight I am fighting very hard to be thankful that the very nice lady was able to make about 70% of the mistake go away.  I’m not going to lie – I’m not going to be thankful for this lesson.  I’d rather have learned the lesson from a phone call or letter pointing out the mistake!  Not a big ole’ bill!

But, with the bill . . I suppose I’ll also be thankful for our time this far with our Dave Ramsey plan, with budgeting, and for having a plan that prevents against these types of mistakes sinking our ship.  We are still afloat . . frustrated, irritated, growling, but still afloat!


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