I will call today a “recovery” day.

Of course there was work.  But I had zero desire to be doing anything.  Do you ever have a day like that?  I just went thru the motions.

There’s just been a tad too much stress lately.  So here’s some things I know about stress: 1) sleep is good.  I turned off my alarm this morning on accident . . so Check!  2) although stress eating is not healthy, it sure makes me a little happier.  Junk food . . . Check!  3) Love helps a lot.  But I was a little snappy with the kiddos yesterday.  They still love me.  Love . . Check!  4) Cuddly animals are great for stress.  Mine besieged the vehicle today so I couldn’t leave again.  Cuddly animals . . check!

Tonight I am thankful for much lower-key day today than the last two days.  Tomorrow is slated to be an average day.  I look forward to it!


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