I have very, very thin hair.  Both of my daughters have very, very thick hair.  I seriously can’t even pretend to know how their heads feel with like 20x more hair than I have.

One daughter has long hair.  She knows she can’t put any of it up without getting a headache.  She spends a lot of time to keep up her thick hair.  And it is beautiful!

The other daughter has tried different short hair styles for a while now.  It’s hard because I’m not very helpful at suggesting styles.  My very thin hair can do things that would not look right with thick hair.  Tonight was our second visit to a wonderful hair stylist!  This short style looks great, it is light enough, and she had a splash of color!  Her is beautiful too!

Tonight I’m thankful for happy girls!  You can give a girl as many compliments as you have breath.  But, the girl has to believe it herself.  And now I have two girls that believe it ❤



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