My Friend

Here is a picture of my good friend, the Disto laser measurer.  My friend has been with me in good weather and bad.  He has been with me in nice houses and condemned houses.  He has traveled in my coat pocket, my purse, my bag, and just been thrown around my car.  He’s been a good friend for somewhere around 10 years.

When I first started out as an appraiser I used a reel measuring tape.  I broke several of those.  They would just snap after a number of times being pulled tightly against houses.  One day I had finally decided to invest in a laser.  It was wonderful!  And it was well worth the cost!

Now my old laser still lights up.  So he is being retired to a life of relaxation as a cat-toy.  All the rest of the buttons have stopped working.  So a cat-toy is a great retirement status for my good friend.

I have ordered a new friend.  She’ll be here Wednesday.  I never named my old laser; I just always called him “my friend” when a homeowner would comment on him.  My new one is red.  I think I’ll name her Rosie.

Tonight I am thankful for the years and years of service from my old Disto!  It had a nice, long life for what I put it thru!  I am also thankful for Amazon Prime!  I can use a tape for a day until the new laser comes!



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