Yesterday I stayed out in my vehicle while my son was at his ninja gym.  I usually go in and watch him, but I needed a little rest time.  I reclined my seat back and had a great view of these birds in a tree.

The robin was there first.  These other birds came in together.  At first they were down lower.  Then they got closer and closer to the robin; until the robin flew away.  After the robin was gone, the striped-ey bird, in the bottom of this picture, was trying to pull the dried berries off the tree.  He wasn’t strong enough and couldn’t get the berry loose.

Those black colored birds wanted what the robin had so badly that they weren’t happy until they had the tree to themselves.  But they missed something.  I didn’t see the robin eat the dried berries once.  He was just sitting there enjoying the sunshine; being happy and content with his place in the tree.  The other birds didn’t even understand what made him happy in that tree.  They thought it must be the dried up berries and bullied the robin out . . over nothing.

Isn’t that life?  We forget to be content.

I had an interesting conversation this afternoon with a friend.  He was telling me about a man who had so much, yet wasn’t happy.  The truth is that things don’t make a person truly happy.  Metaphorically, the man was always looking at someone else’s tree thinking their berries must be better . . . never seeing that the berries were not what made a tree so great; but the ability to rest in the tree and appreciate the day.

Tonight I am thankful for my 45 minutes of rest in my vehicle yesterday afternoon, spent just watching birds.  And I am thankful for the practice of being thankful for something every day (i.e. this blog!).



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