If I could pick one person in the whole world to give the title of “best hugger”, it would be my friend Charley.  (It’s ok, the hubster already knows this fact!)  Charley’s hugs came from his soul.  Seriously, you felt like he was wrapping you right in to his heart.

Tomorrow is one year since Charley left us.

I’m sitting here trying to think of the right words to write as tears roll down my cheeks.  I miss him.  I know a lot of people miss him.  He touched so many lives . . an amazing amount of lives.

Not many people find the courage and the capacity to love like Charley did.  He loved people.  He loved fun.  He loved animals.  He loved life.  He recognized what a tremendous privilege it was to just be present; wherever he was ❤

Tonight I am thankful for the chance to know and be friends with such an amazing person.  I could sure use one of your hugs now Charley; they just seemed to make the world a little brighter.


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