Life has a way of testing your resolve!

On our debt free journey with Dave Ramsey’s baby steps, we have come a long way!  The first time we finished with baby step 2 we had paid off all our debt except for our mortgage.  We were so excited!  Then temptation came.  And it sounded logical to only have a loan for just a short time to get us somewhere else.  And that one decision snowballed.  And we were back in some big debt pretty quickly.  At the end of last year we had paid that off again!  Yay!

Last week we sat down and made our list of things we want to do this year.  It is a good list.  And we will save up for a project or plan and then do it.  So we have this list, right?  All written down and agreed upon between the two of us.  And then what happens?  Opportunities.  Opportunities that sound like they’d be really great.  But they aren’t.

At first I tried going over the numbers in my head.  How could we justify these things?  Two great investment opportunities were offered just to us!  One great family opportunity was glowing right in front of us!  How could we make it work?!

When debt is the only answer to that question; then it isn’t the opportunities for us.  After I finished trying to “logic” my way in to this, I was left with the gut-sinking feeling that we can’t keep doing this.  No matter the opportunity, if we don’t have the cash; it’s not the opportunity for us.  It’s just not.  Do you know why?  Financial PEACE.  It’s the peace I want.  I don’t to worry about payments anymore!  Do you know how you change your family tree?  One decision at a time.  One agonizing, small, exciting, worrisome decision at a time.  Over and over and over and over again saying NO, we won’t live this way anymore!  And I don’t want my children to ever know worry and stress about making a payment.  Financial PEACE . . the program is aptly named.

Tonight I am thankful for peace in making the right decision.  After trying to logic and number my way in to thinking “maybe” we could “just this once”; and then resolving that No, this is our line in the sand that we aren’t crossing . . after that resolving, do you know what I have tonight?  Peace.  Not regret.  No feelings of missing out.  Just peace.  There will be other investment deals and other shiny family deals.  And when the deal is right for us, we’ll have cash to invest.  And best of all, we’ll have peace.  ❤

P.S.  Shameless Plug – I am co-leading a Financial Peace class starting this Sunday at 5pm.  Message me if you’d like info!  Leaders are volunteers.  We teach this class for free so that others can also find peace ❤

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