Today can best be described as:  it didn’t go as planned, and that’s ok.

Sometimes there are just days like today.  My plans for the day are not what actually happened.  But the day was still productive.  So I’ll count it as a win overall.

I’ve been spending some time lately reflecting on how to improve myself feeling like all I’m doing is running all day.  A big part of that is waking up a little earlier to go over my day.  That didn’t happen today.

But another big part is to make each day intentional.  So although some plans changed today, I took an extra moment to intentionally change the plans.  It sounds so small, even redundant perhaps.  But it’s not.  Taking that extra step to acknowledge that I am changing my plans for the day; not letting the day change my plans . . well it just makes things much more within my control.  Just like days where I decide to wait until the next day to finish a task.  If I just stop the task and pick it up the next day; then the evening in between I feel like I didn’t get everything done.  But, if I intentionally decide to finish the task the next day; there isn’t anything undone.  A decision was made for the task to wait until tomorrow.  So today’s portion was complete.

Tonight I am thankful for remembering to be intentional when the day changes.  This is life.  Plans change a lot.  And it’s easy to get swept away by all that a day brings.  Being swept away or intentionally changing directions both can land you in the same spot . . but you feel a lot better getting there intentionally!

*Nothing to do with my blog . .  here is my kitty trying to get my drops of milk out of a glass . . just because she’s cute ❤

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