With Love

There is so much to do between the time when school gets out and bedtime.  The kids have chores (which they are totally slacking on!), homework, activities, and sometimes they sign up to do something special for friends at school.

Tonight was one of those busy types of nights.  While following a recipe, my child discovered we were out of baking soda.  Who runs out of baking soda?  Honestly!  That stuff is cheap and has so many uses!  Well . . . it looks like we ran out of it.  Don’t worry I’ll stock up next time I’m at the store!

The hubster came to the rescue and took the baking-distressed child to the store quickly for more baking soda.  Baking can be more of a particular type of cooking.  When I’m cooking a dinner perhaps, I’ll add a splash of this or a pinch of that.  But, baking is more touchy when it comes to varying from the recipe.  The batter may have altered a bit, being half-mixed, covered, and sitting on the counter while the store-run was made.  The cookies didn’t come out quite right.  My child was tired and went to bed; not smiling.

I was (and am) still at my desk typing away at work stuff.  So the hubster came to the rescue again!  The recipe was still sitting out on the table and he went to work on batch #2.  He did add extra chocolate chips; he believes there is always room for more chocolate!

Tonight I am thankful for the hubster helping out the last-minute-cookie-promising child!  She will wake up in the morning to see what her daddy did for her.  These cookies should taste delicious; they were made with extra love! ❤


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