Her Hat!

My poor Felicia!

Yesterday she got new shoes (tires)!  But today, she lost her hat (weird piece missing in photo)!

I’d been hearing a noise when I’ve been on the highway.  At first I thought it was cold pop bottles in the back of the van popping as they warmed up.  I pulled over when I first heard the noise.  I wiggled things and pulled things.  I couldn’t find anything loose.  I thought a stick must have gotten caught up by the spare tire under the bumper somewhere.  I had no idea what else it could be.  I can tell you that I never dreamed the noise was coming from the top of the vehicle!

Today I was driving down the highway.  I heard the thumping noise.  Then I saw something flying in my rear view mirror!  It was this weird piece!!

Tonight I am thankful that there were no cars immediately behind me on the highway!  That could have been a much worse situation!!  And I am thankful for Ebay where I have already found a decently priced replacement!


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