New Shoes

I’ve needed new tires for a while now.  Almost two weeks ago I ran over a nail while I was at a foreclosed house.  I put air in my slow leak for a little bit.  The tire went from needing air every two days to every day.  Ugh.

I stopped at a local tire store last week when my tire started really getting bad.  I waited over two hours to be told that they wouldn’t patch the tire.  They said my tires were too bald.  I told them that I understood the tires were bald, but we were waiting to pay cash for new tires.  Still, I left with no patch.

Then I got a can of fix-a-flat.  It did not dispense correctly in to the tire.  I don’t think it helped one bit.  So I’ve been trying to keep enough air in the tire so that I could still drive on it.  But, it’s gotten worse and worse.

Today was finally the day!  We dropped the van at Liskey’s in Lansing last night.  When the hubster got off of work today, we went and picked it up!  Felicia (my van), loves her new shoes (tires)!    She also got an alignment and a few other things fixed!  Yay!

Tonight I am thankful for the smooth drive home!  Felicia is running great!  I am thankful for the wonderful job done at Liskey’s!  And I am thankful that we waited until this week to get the tires – we got a $70 manufacturer’s rebate that started on the first of the month!  Yay!


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