The Right Path

Today started a new training!  Honestly I didn’t plan to start teaching a Financial Peace class and then two days later start teaching a real estate training class.  It just kind of all fell on my calendar in close proximity!

I am super excited for this class!

Here’s the thing.  I have had all these ideas on the way I want this real estate brokerage to run.  The values, the ethics, and the goals of this company travel thru my mind regularly.  But, when I started reading most of the materials on how to have a successful real estate brokerage, the stuff I read was not what I wanted this company and our team to be about.

We don’t want to cold call and bug people; because I don’t want to be cold called and bugged!  What if we could run our business by treating others the way we wanted to be treated?  What if we could run this business by serving people so well that they were not just satisfied with their interactions with us, but impressed also?  I want that kind of company!

And some time last year I found a company with a training program that values the same things that our company values.  I am so excited to see this program from start to finish!  Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve phenomenal results by doing something differently than everyone else does it!  We will be living proof of following our hearts and serving people well!



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