Bye Mr Taco

It is ALWAYS a good day when I get to some Mr Taco!

Ok, seriously I’ve been eating horribly lately.  Carbs, sugar, all the yummy, but bad stuff has been on my plate!  And, being sick, I haven’t been exercising.  Honestly, even before the sick, I wasn’t very consistent with the exercising.

So today I enjoyed my Mr. Taco even more than normal because I know . . . *deep breath* . . . it will be awhile before I come back.

I’ve been talking the household in to joining me with the keto way of eating.  This is a HUGE deal that people are considering it in my house.  The hubster loves his goody foods and has not wanted to entertain the notion of saying good-bye to them.  My girls are on board.  One girl tried her hand at the first specifically keto dessert baking the other night.

Tonight I am thankful for being on the edge of turning the household in to a healthier way of eating!  I’m not going full steam until I fell all the way better.  So tonight I’m thankful for a yummy Mr. Taco burrito today!  I can still eat there!  I just won’t be able to get my favorites for a while.



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