The “Why”

There are different reasons to do a job.  Finding your “why” of your job is what makes it easier to keep going when things get rough.

Years ago my “why” of my appraisal businesses was to be able to stay home with my babies.  I have always had a natural interest in houses.  And God lined things up for me to have the right people cross my path to learn this business.  But thru it all, the “why” was my babies.

My babies are growing up.  It is still very nice that I can move my schedule around and be here for everyone.  But, it isn’t as important as it used to be.  The realization that the “why” was changing hit me a couple of years ago . . in a lot of ways.  And I’ve worked on intentionally changing some things – change is hard, some days are easier than others.

A day like today is an amazing reminder of the “why” of starting the real estate brokerage.  I have this wonderful client who has been looking at houses for several weeks now.  Earlier this week we found “the one”.  And today her offer was accepted!  The excitement in her voice was priceless 🙂  This is why I do what I do!

Tonight I am thankful for work that matters!  I am thankful for being so blessed to be able to play a part in helping someone find their new home.  A house is just a building.  This house will be a home ❤



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