Better than Bargains

Today I went shopping with my Mom and Grandma.  Shopping with Grandma usually means going to the Dollar Tree.  A big trip to the Dollar Tree!

We usually fill up two carts of items!  There are a lot of things at Dollar Tree that are easy to miss.  We are in the store for at least an hour.  We go up and down all the aisles.

Today I stocked up on cards – two for $1 for greeting cards and 8 packs of cards for $1.  I got the animals some new toys.  They had matching kitchen towel, wash cloths, and oven mitt combos!  I had fun!  I found some wonderful bargains!

Tonight I am thankful for a wonderful time today shopping with my Mom and Grandma!  Time with them was best!  The wonderful savings were second best!

*Here is my puppy enjoying one of his new toys!

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