This here is my crew . . many years ago. ❤

Tomorrow is a special day.  Tomorrow is the birthday of my youngest baby!  AND tomorrow is this family’s last elementary school birthday!

Truth be told, this is more of one of the Mommy milestones than it is a kiddo one.  The birthday boy isn’t thinking about this being a LAST birthday school treat day at all.  But I am.

I have done sooo many cupcakes over the years.  I have TWO special cupcake carriers.  The first one did not carry enough cupcakes, so we had to upgrade.  We’ve done birthday cupcakes, cookies, and one year I out-did myself and made the cupcakes look like birthday caterpillar!

Want to know what the kiddo request was for the last elementary birthday treat ever?!?!?  Donut holes with sprinkles from the bakery.  Ok, true, I could totally make homemade donut holes and glaze them and roll them in sprinkles.  But I didn’t.  And I’m ok with that!

Tonight I am thankful for my four wonderful kiddos!  I am thankful for a birthday celebration tomorrow!  And I am thankful for the last school birthday treat!  He is excited!

P.S.  Does anyone need a cupcake holder or two?  Ours are now officially retired!


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