One of the things that I love about budgeting (that I hadn’t previously known) is that a budget gives you permission and freedom to spend money.

For instance, we put a certain amount in to an envelope every week marked “Birthdays”.  We still don’t do parties for the kids every year.  Only at certain ages.  For the rest of the birthdays, the birthday person gets to pick something fun to do with one or two friends.

Our most recent birthday kiddo picked a night at a hotel with swimming and pizza.  And it is no problem, our “birthday” envelope has more than enough!

I am finishing up some work right now.  I should be done by the time the pizza gets here.  After that, I am going to check out the hot tub!

Tonight I am thankful for a fun birthday outing!  I am thankful for budgeting to be able to spend guilt-free!  And I am thankful that I will soon be in a hot tub, relaxing after a very long week!



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