Kitty Control

See this kitty to my right?  She’s been keeping it together pretty well this week.

We’ve been taking the barn cats in to get spayed and neutered.  After surgery, they are staying in the basement for recovery.

This cat in the picture is the princess cat of the house.  And she tends to show her displeasure of things by not using her litter box.  So far this week, I haven’t noticed any signs of the princess being mad.  Now, I’m not vouching for her.  I may find some unpleasantness later.  But, so far so good.

This week is super busy.  Multiple trips to the spay/neuter clinic are not making it any better.  The extra care for the barn kitties isn’t horribly time-consuming.  It is just one more thing for the week.

Earlier this week I was dreading this whole ordeal with the barn kitties.  But, I stopped myself.  I made an intentional decision to be thankful for this program to “fix” barn kitties and give them shots for multiple kitties at a time.  After that first decision, I had to make that intentional decision a few more times.

Tonight I am definitely thankful for the little bit of extra time and attention invested now to keep our kitty population under control!  I’ve been joking about calling our place “Black Cat Farm” for sometime now.  It may still happen . . .  but not this year 🙂


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