I’ve had this idea for quite a while now . . . videos.  I have been planning on making videos!  I tried a few times . . and haven’t liked them.

Today, with total disregard to my schedule (which I am now paying for), I decided to start making videos!  I have since discovered that the lighting in my office is really not the best for videos at my desk.  I have learned that I really can’t hide how tired I am; so I better save the videos for days when I’m well rested!  And I’ve learned that my kids can be good critics so only my best videos get released!

Honestly the two that I posted this evening did not get rave reviews from the kiddo in my office.  But the three that didn’t make the cut where grossly disapproved!

Tonight I am thankful for finally starting some videos!  I have lots of ideas, so the videos will keep coming!  I am also thankful for having a great premier group right here in my house to provide feedback on the videos before they hit the public!


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