We have been in the midst of a dilemma.  We have a beautiful barn that needs to come down. 😦

In the past couple of years I have contacted every barn grant, barn wood, etc that I have found.  The roof is bad – strike 1.  The sill plate is rotted – strike 2.  And it has newer latex paint on the exterior – strike 3.  No one wants it.

We got one quote for removal.  It was very high.

It sucks that we have to take down the barn anyway.  But paying an arm and a leg for it make the whole thing even worse.

We have been thinking of doing it ourselves.  Do you want to know how un-fun it sounds to spend an entire summer putting a gigantic barn in to a bazillion dumpsters??  Totally UN-FUN!!

Last night two guys stopped out that I have been emailing.  Today they sent me the quote.  It was reasonable!!!  There is some wood that they want.  They found value in some of the wood!  So, the rest of the labor and materials equals about what we would probably spend on dumpsters!  But we won’t have to do it!

Tonight, I am thankful for a pretty good quote on removing the barn!  It will be sad enough to see the barn come down.  It is beautiful!  But, it is completely not safe.  I am glad we don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount!


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