Hmm, I started writing this blog and wrote that dreams change.  But that really isn’t what I meant.

A dream is an overall idea.  For me currently, the dream is still the same.  What has changed is some of the specific goals that support the dream.

Goals are specific.  According to Dave Ramsey, goals should:  1) be specific 2) be measurable 3) have a time limit 4) be yours, and 5) be in writing.

What I’ve been finding for myself the past few months is that my goals have changed.  In 2018 I had some very specific goals for my business.  I hit several of those goals.  There were some that I didn’t hit.  So, I carried them over to 2019 and re-energized them.  I have since had the realization that the goals are a little outside of my control.

And slowly, I’ve been shifting.  This morning I was having a conversation and the new goals that have been in my head all jumbled, came out in words that made a lightbulb turn on!  So now, I am working on the 5 components to make these new goals a success!!

Tonight I am thankful for realizing that my goals were changing.  I kind of knew it.  But I hadn’t completely engaged in the shift.  Now, I’m there.  I see it.  And plans are shifting to reach the new goals!

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