Three Days

My child’s class is on a field trip to Washington DC.  And they are having fun!  Which is great!

But, when my oldest child was faced with this trip, we made some rules.  First, the kids can’t go unless I go.

Second rule deals with cost. The cost is over $800.  We’ll round to the $800.  One child and one adult multiplied by the $800 trip cost is $1600.  Four children’s trips over the years times the child/adult cost of $1600 is $6,400.  That’s a lot.  But, I wouldn’t say no to a trip over money.  If the child wants to go, they can fundraise with the school for the two and a half years prior to the trip, where the school has fundraisers.  If a child can earn enough for their trip, I’ll pay for mine.  I believe that’s fair.

Third rule, if they choose to stay home for the three days the child has to pick a project to take two of the days and I get the third day for a day of fun!

Today was our day of fun!  We got a little late start because I had some work and my child was working on the project of choice.  We had a lovely brunch.  We had to run to a populated, commercial area.  But then, we went exploring!  I had never been on these trails before.  We could have taken a left at Albuquerque . . or maybe it was a left at the trail split 😉  A left would have let us go exploring all day!!  But, we had to get the other children from school.  So we went right instead.  Then we got ice cream 🙂

Tonight I am thankful for a day of fun with my kid 🙂  It was a great time!  And I hope it brings nice memories for years to come!

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