I have tried numerous To-Do Lists.  They are hard to keep track of.

Sticky Notes work when I am at my desk . . if the cats don’t take them.

I have a notebook that sits on my desk.  That works, unless I’m not at my desk.  Or unless other papers cover the list.

I’ve tried several different phone apps.  They only work if you click on them.  And a lot of them seem a little too detailed.  I don’t need to assign every task a due date and time, or a category, or a color, or anything else besides the task I am supposed to do!

A week or so ago I was reflecting on how far Google calendar has brought me with organization.  And I thought, maybe Google has something that ties in with the calendar or something.  They do.  enter Google Tasks.

So far, I am loving it!  It is just like a to do list.  Seriously.  You put in a task.  You mark it off when it is done.  Boom.  Just like that.

It did bring in my “reminders” from Google calendar.  And I’m sure I can do more with it, if I were so inclined.  Which I’m not.  I just wanted a little list.  Like when I’m out driving to appointments and I need to do things when I get back to my desk.  Easy and simple.

Tonight I am thankful for Google Tasks.  It is serving me well so far!

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