Our Dance!

When the girls were younger and went to the Daddy/Daughter dances, I was very happy for them!  I wished there was a Mommy/Son dance for years.  And now, our family’s last elementary school year; there was a Mommy/Son dance!!!

Getting ready for the Daddy/Daughter dances, I took the girls shopping.  We picked out dresses, shoes, jewelry, nail polish, and maybe make up.  We planned their hair.  We planned daddy’s outfit to match theirs.  It was quite an event!!

For tonight, my son wanted to wear a flannel-type shirt and sweatpants!!  Now, I’m very pro-comfortable clothes.  But, convincing the child that sweatpants would not be worn tonight was a multi-day discussion!  And I was very fortunate to stop at a store today and find a three-piece suit on clearance for $13!  I hadn’t been thinking about an after Easter sale on boys’ clothes!  So thankfully, he had no excuse to keep trying to champion for his sweatpants!

Tonight I am thankful for getting to experience a Mommy/Son dance 🙂  My older child rolled his eyes a little when I invited him to come along . . as I expected he would.  So my feelings weren’t hurt 🙂  This was an elementary dance!  We had a wonderful time tonight!

0427191809a (2).jpg

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