She and I

Do you know the Alabama song, She and I?  We had that song played at our wedding while we cut the wedding cake.  I love that song.

I have a natural defiance to anything that is done because a person is “supposed” to.  Fortunately, the hubster shares a good dose of that defiance.  So finding our own way is kind of our thing.  We make decisions together.  We talk about things.  We respect each other.  And at the end of most days, we’d rather spend time with each other than go out of the house.

On ocassion I let it bother me when people make their comments.  I have nothing to defend to anyone.  Especially to people who wouldn’t understand.  Have you noticed that a good number of people only understand others thru their own point of view?  Someone who wants to go out all the time would think I have the hubster trapped here at home.  That’s not the case.  Crazily enough, he loves me!  He loves our children!  And he loves this home that we have together!  I think that is wonderful!  But, it causes people to chatter.

Tonight I took a deep breath and played the song from our wedding.  It fits ❤  Still ❤  Then I said a little prayer, for myself to be understanding, patient, and forgiving; and for others to find peace and happiness in their own lives.

Tonight I am thankful for the guy snoring in the other room.  A lot of people don’t understand a lot of things about us.  Fortunately, it only matters what we understand about us ❤


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