Last Wednesday I took four barn kitties in to the clinic to get spayed and neutered.  When I went to pick them up, the woman brought out only three cat carriers and asked me to sit down, she needed to talk to me.  My heart sank.

I love all our animals.  It doesn’t matter if it is an outside animal or an inside animal.  I love them all.  I was fighting back tears from my eyes.

Fortunately she was still alive.  But there was a complication from surgery.  She would have to stay under attentive watch for the next 72 hours.  And she would have to stay inside for a week.

That evening I kept waking up the tired kitty to make sure she was still alive.  She did not like staying in the medium dog sized crate at home.  She was used to going where ever she pleased, when she pleased!  She did seem to like the food service better inside the house!  When we got past the 72 hour mark, I breathed a little easier.  She was going to make it!

Three days ago we were cleaning her pen and closed her in the bathroom.  She climbed the wall!  NOOO!  We got her down and she seemed ok.  She didn’t act sore or anything.  The next day, she was still fine!

Today was her one week mark.  Today she got to go outside!  I thought she would be so excited!  She walked out, sniffed her friends, and sat down.  Silly cat!  I guess she was won over a little by the amenities of indoor living!  But she was definitely happy to be outdoors again!

Tonight I am thankful that the female cat named Grandpa is healthy and happy once more! ❤  I would include a picture of her here, but she is all black, fluffy and black.  And her picture looks like a black, fluffy ball 🙂


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